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Ascendant Audio was started to meet the needs of the new breed of custom car audio enthusiasts.

Our subwoofer lines are the culmination of years of experience in autosound manufacturing, resulting in detail, clarity, power and bottom octave performance never before heard in car audio. All subs are hand built at our facility in Las Vegas. Subwoofers from Ascendant Audio help you achieve your sonic goals.

We have spent years perfecting the art of blending subtlety and brutality, and our subwoofer lines are the culmination of that quest. Our engineers use CAD and finite element analysis to design products, and finally our ears to ensure their perfection.


There are five series: Arsenal, Chaos, Havoc, Mayhem and SMD. All offered with cast basket frames and FEA optimized motor structures.  


AA chaos series



AA havoc series



AA mayhem series



AA smd series




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Voorkeur subwoofer maat?
AA SMD 18''
AA arsenal 10''
AA chaos 12''
AA havoc 15''
AA mayhem 12''
FI N2 16''
FI N3 12''
FI SP4 18''